Notice any changes to the east entrance of Brownsburg lately? Town government has approved dozens of warehouses throughout the jurisdiction, with many residents sharing the ends of their driveways with these brand new trucking routes. Many various groups of impacted homeowners publicly opposed this industrialization during public hearings at Town Hall, and the only measurable result is that public participation has now been limited for public hearings. How shameful for the reputation of our area! While Zionsville, Avon, Pittsboro and even little, ol' Clermont have better protections between industrial and residential borders, we couldn't help but want to benchmark these Town practices with another favorite Indiana Town... Pawnee from Parks and Recreation! What do they think about all of these new, giant warehouses taking over the Town of Brownsburg?

Feedback from Pawnee on Brownsburg's "Speed to Market" Industrialization:

Pawnee Town Council President, Brandi Maxx

Pawnee Town Council Member, Bill Dexhart

Local Pawnee Media Personality, Joan Callamezzo

Former Pawnee Town Council Member, Leslie Knope

Unfortunately, Leslie Knope was too busy making binders to send a video, but she did inspire some new town slogans if these developments come to fruition:

  • Now entering Brownsburg, the Last Truck Stop Before Avon!
  • Welcome Any and All Industrial Development!

    💡 Brownsburg used to have the reputation of being "difficult to work with" as they started as a bedroom community and avoided commercial development. Seriously, ask them about the Cracker Barrel Story! That is certainly not the case anymore.

  • Welcome Carmel Development Lawyers!
  • Brownsburg: Long Live Town Staff. Town Staff is gone.

    💡 Have you noticed the crazy government turnover during this process? Countless staff are rotating, and only one has received multiple promotions and raises. Like... a freakish amount of raises for only 2 years of "work".

  • Brownsburg: The Gary of West Central Indiana
  • Brownsburg: Home of the Never-Ending Lawsuits from Citizens against Town Government

    💡 Want to show support and donate here?

  • Brownsburg: The Factory Fire Capital of America

    💡 It wasn't a bread factory like in Pawnee, but Scannell warehouse #2 was burning as other Brownsburg neighbors were still cleaning up burnt debris from the Walmart warehouse fire in Hendricks County. Walmart is currently suing the Town of Plainfield for not having the life safety infrastructure in place to fight the giant warehouse fire. I wonder if Scannell will do the same with the Town of Brownsburg?

  • Brownsburg: First in Friendship, Fourth in Contaminated Water Supplies
  • Brownsburg: When You're Here, then You're Stuck in RRP Traffic for the Next 45 Minutes

Why Should All Brownsburg Residents Be Concerned?

This industrial focus will change the character of our entire town. Anyone living next to open land should be concerned about exactly what this version of Brownsburg government will do to get their 3% tax base. Their primary focus seems to be on property owners who are currently selling out instead of all the new residents buying in. And when has more money had a long-term positive impact on an entity that has a track record of difficulty managing their budgets? How sad will it be that the 3% sell out only cleans up the financial mistakes from the past? Or they experience the same financial issues 10-15 years from now when these trucking facilities relocate as the tax abatements expire? The costs of this plan outweigh any potential benefits or amenities, and we really don't want this as our new welcome sign:

Disclaimer: The webmaster is opposed to industrial development adjacent to residential and in favor of all Parks and Recreation references. Learn more about the sign above through this video.

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